Roulette online casino game

   Roulette is a classic casino game that for many is the very image of the casino itself. You place your bet on the playing field at the side of the roulette wheel with its 37 pockets, and then the ball is rotated counterclockwise along the bevelled edge of the wheel while the wheel is rotated counterclockwise. A clearer picture of the casino as a residence for the whims of chance and fate is hard to find.

Roulette rules in 1 minute

   The game plan has room for a variety of bets, but the most common is to bet on black or red number, odd or even number which pays 1x bet on profit, the upper, middle or lower third of the digits which pays 2x bet, or a single number which in the case of pay pays 35x invested money. There are a number of other bets that you will easily understand once you get started and play.

Roulette variants and game developers

   Roulette is a fairly simple game without the need for cool animations. Microsoft offers more variants  than NetEnt, including their original Multi Wheel Roulette, where you play on a whole 8 roulette wheels simultaneously. On the other hand, I would argue that NetEnt has a bit sharper animations and better looking graphic presentation. It is ultimately a matter of taste.

   European Roulette is best suited for beginners as it has fewer bets to get confused by. French Roulette suits you who are a little warm in your clothes and want more bets to choose from. NOTE! Avoid playing American Roulette. This version has an extra pocket with a double zero, a total of 38 pockets instead of 37. This extra pocket means only one extra chance of losing, and greatly reduces your odds.

Roulette bonus at Casino

   Taking a bonus if you only play Roulett rarely pays off. Roulette has very good player odds, which is why roulette bets rarely contribute more than 20% to the casino bonus throughput requirements. If, on the other hand, you will also be playing a lot of slots and other games, then a casino bonus can be interesting.

Roulette system

   There are a lot of Roulette systems on the market, but none of them can increase your chances of winning. These are mathematical facts, no matter what the various scams on the net say. However, a Roulette system can add spice to the game and help you discipline your bankroll. Making games with systems is quite fun simply.