Blackjack online card game

   Blackjack is the game that the beginner can learn in 5 minutes and the pros can devote a life to master, which is one of the main reasons for the game’s immense popularity. It is also one of the few casino games where the player can improve his odds during the game with the help of his skill. In this article you will find general information about the game, rules, strategy and variants.

Short information on Blackjack Online

   Policy. Whether you play the Classic Blackjack, Spanish 21 or some other variant, the main goal of the game is always to get the card sum 21, or to get as close to 21 as possible, without getting too thick (go over 21).


   Blackjack is a strategy game, where you can influence your odds of winning during the course of the game by following a basic strategy that controls your betting choices.

Card counting

   Should you have the opportunity to play at a Live Casino using only one card game, it can try to learn to count cards with good memory.

Casino Bonus

   Since Blackjack with the right strategy has very good player odds, Blackjack only contributes 0-10% to casino bonuses throughput requirements.

Different variants of the game

   There are a large number of variants of Blackjack. The rules are very similar, but some things differ. Below we go through the most common ones and what sets them apart. A great way to learn rules and tricks is to play free Blackjack.

Classic Blackjack

   The dealer shares two open cards to you and two cards to himself, one hidden and one open. Then you can either fit or take a new card. The dealer must draw cards if his hand is lower than 17 and must stop if the hand is soft or hard 17 or higher. Soft 17 is a hand that contains an Ace, and thus can also be counted as 11.

European Blackjack

   In European Blackjack, the player can only double when she has pairs of 9 to 11 (Ace thus). The player may not double on split cards or split on an already split pair. The croupier must draw cards at soft 17 and stay at hard 17 or higher.

Las Vegas Blackjack

   In Las Vegas Blackjack, players can double as they wish and can also double on already split cards. The player can also split on split cards up to three hands, which means that if players receive another card with the same number as on the first split, she can split again.

Spanish 21

   In Spanish 21 you can double on any card. The biggest difference to regular Blackjack is that the game lacks card 10. The only cards with a value of ten are thus Knekt, King and Dam.


   Pontoon allows the player to split all cards with value ten, even if they are not of the same basic value (ten, jack, lady or king). If the player chooses to split Ace then she can only draw one more card on that hand. The croupier wins on hands with the same value – thus. If the player has drawn 5 cards without getting thick, it is counted as Blackjack (21) and pays the Croupier must draw cards at soft 17 and stay at hard 17 or higher.

The best Blackjack casinos on the net

   A really good Blackjack casino should offer several different variants of Blackjack and preferably from more than one manufacturer. As we mentioned before, Blackjack never contributes to 100% of the throughput requirement for the casino’s bonuses, but a casino where it contributes 10% is of course preferable to one where it contributes 0%. In addition, it should of course have a full range of games, as well as good design, clear terms of use and good support.